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WaveLight LED back lit Pop up wall

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The New WaveLIght Backlit Displays from Max Displays are one of the thinnest tension fabric light boxes to hit the exhibit market. Within just a 50mil aluminum pipe profile, the WaveLight® frames an array of perfectly positioned LED lights to achieve an ultra-bright, evenly-diffused backlit display –making everything on the graphic look more brilliant and vibrant. The WaveLight Backlit Graphic is a single-sided, wrinkle-resistant, dye-sublimation fabric print with total blockout fabric on back. The fabric graphic snuggly zips around the frame and lights, which provide tension for a smooth finish. A zipper on the lower back of the blockout fabric provides easy access to the lights and running power cables. Single-sided. Image above shows Base Kit and all Add-ons.

Available 4 sizes
  914 mm wide x 2440mm high
1829 mm wide x 2440mm high
2430 mm wide x 2440mm high
3000 mm wide x 2440mm high

Packed in hard carry case, size : 690×400×980mm

Weight when packed : 39.50 kg

Material: Dye-sublimation Backlit Stretch Fabric

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase

Please go to Maxdisplays Hightail link below to upload files

  • The uploader can accommodate files sized up to 2GB.
  • You will be sent e-proofs to review for a final approval before production.
  • All graphics must be approved by the client before they go into production.
  • Recommended Browser: Firefox
  • If you do experience an issues with the uploader, please call us on +61 2 9011 6785
  • Please include company name.

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