Silicon Edge Graphics Wall Mounted

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Silicon Edge Graphics Wall Mounted


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What Are SEG Frames?

SEG Silicone Edge Graphics are high-resolution printed graphics via our in-house dye sublimation fabric technology and then finished with a thin silicone strip sewn directly to the graphics’ edge. This construction is designed to be inserted into an aluminium extruded frame. The result is a highly appealing photographic image which is durable &  interchangeable.


Max Displays frames can be custom-built to fit nearly any space, and are quickly being adopted for a wide variety signage applications, including free-standing displays, wall-mounted displays, and suspended displays. Frames may be non-lit, or backlit with variety of LED lighting options.


Max Displays frames are highly customisable and cost-effective, leading to an explosive growth in their adoption across many industries and environments. They are rapidly becoming the framing system of choice for free-standing displays, POP displays, and framed signage. 


Max SEG frames

Max Displays fabric can be used with various aluminium extrusion brands including Vivad Stretch Frames , RexFrame, FabFrame, Matrix Frame, Selbys Fabric Frames and ReFrame. For all our wall mounted frames under 2000mm we use 16mm aluminium profile, large frames from 2000mm & over we use heavy duty 26mm aluminium profile for added strength.


Silicon edge

At max displays we use premium grade flat silicon 13mm x 3mm thick which can fit any standard SEG aluminium frame slot with 4.5mm. 


Installation is breeze, quick and easy self installation. 



All our fabric are printed in-house with state of the art Dye sublimation printing machine. We use anti reflective polyester fabric for vibrant colours. Graphics can be ordered separately without the frame, change over is a breeze. 



All our frames are supplied to a maximum length of 1500mm, multiple length will be supplied with set of straight Joiners. 


Production lead Time

Our standard production time is 4 – 5 day, over night production can be arranged. Feel free to contact our sales team on 02 9011 6785 for details.


Please go to Maxdisplays Dropbox link below to upload files

  • The uploader can accommodate files sized up to 2GB.
  • You will be sent e-proofs to review for a final approval before production.
  • All graphics must be approved by the client before they go into production.
  • Recommended Browser: Firefox
  • If you do experience an issues with the uploader, please call us on +61 2 9011 6785
  • Please include company name.

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