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Foam PVC signs


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Foam PVC or Forex is a highly resistant, multi-purpose material. Foam PVC comes in 2, 3 & 5mm thickness. It is similar to foam board or Foam core, but much more rigid, heavier and more resistant to blows. It can be used outdoors & indoors. They are ideally used for retail industries as header cards, hanging signs, shelf signs & also for office signs mounted with standoff. 


All our foam PVC are printed with state of the art UV flatbed printing with 6 colours for high vibrancy and skin tone. Printing with UV gives it the great flexibility for indoor and outdoor. Foam pvc can be printed single or double sided. 


All our prints are cut using computerised flat bed cutting machine for absolute accuracy using high tech digital camera scan.

Sheet size

Maximum sheet size 2400 x 1200mm with thickness 2, 3 & 5mm, larger prints over 2400mm long  needs to be tiled using multiple sheets. 


Pls. refer our installation accessories for double sided tapes, sign hangers, Velcro – Hook & loop.

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