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What we do?

Max Displays is industry leaders in producing high-quality retail branding, retail promotions & trade show exhibits for a variety of clients throughout the Australian marketplace. We’ve been able to achieve this status in the marketplace because we understand what trade shows and exhibitions are all about: Getting noticed. That’s why we’ve worked hard to craft a line of retail brandings such as printing on various subtracts & trade show displays, banners, plinths, towers, and other POS & trade show paraphernalia that make it possible for our clients and customers to stand out on a crowded exhibition floor.
There’s something else that we understand, too: We understand that our customers and clients frequently have to work rather hard in order to stretch their advertising dollar. That’s why we’ve perfected our manufacturing and production techniques. Doing this has allowed us to offer the people that choose to work with us prices that simply can’t be matched by any other provider of impact retail brandings and exhibition displays. When you choose to work with Maxdisplays, you’re going to be getting products that not only look great, but also don’t break your advertising budget.
What Does Max Displays Offer?
A better question might be what don’t we offer! Anything that you can imagine needing in order to make an impression on the showroom floor, we have. If you’re looking for a simple, generic pop up display, we have ones that are affordably priced, while at the same time possessing an incredibly high quality that will leave your potential customers and clients with a positive impression of your business. If you’re looking to make an impression by making your products appealing, we have those, too.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Here’s the complete rundown of everything that Maxdisplays has to offer for use at trade shows and exhibitions, as well as in retail storefronts:
•    Retail Brandings: We can assist you with getting your brand image out in front of customers, printing on various subtract like Corflute, Foam boards, Screen boards, Image board, aluminium panels, acrylic panels, bubble board, posters, Easy dot, one way vision and many more.
•    Pull-Up Banner Stands: Highly portable and perfect for quick assembly and disassembly
•    Pop-Up Displays: Also extremely portable, these displays will make an instant, colourful impression
•    Exhibition & Trade Show Stands: Highly functional, these stands are sure to capture eyeballs and turn heads
•    Pop-Up Towers & Stands: A breeze to install, these make for a stunning, modern display
•    Hanging Displays: On a crowded exhibition floor, people’s eyes often turn upward, which is where they’ll find your display
•    Shopping Centre Displays: Motivate your visitors to buy with these impact displays
•    Fabric Banner Stands: Sleek, modern and hip, these displays will attract visitors to your booth
•    Portable Plinths: With a variety of shapes, sizes and customisation options, the only limit is your imagination
•    Promotional Tables: Made with high-quality materials, these tables are customisable and easy to assemble and disassemble
•    Portable Counters: With many options, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, especially if it’s an iPad display
•    Acrylic Displays: Manufactured to the highest possible quality, these displays ooze class and refinement
•    Competition Entry Boxes: A great way to drum up business, we have all of the customisable options you could want
•    Counter-top Displays: A bare table is an empty table; use these to capture eyeballs up close and personal
•    Portable Brochure Stands: Get your printed materials out there where people can grab them
•    Eco-Friendly Displays: Let your customers know your care with trade show displays made from responsibly sourced materials
•    Outdoor Flags & Banners: They’ll know where to find you before they’ve even come through the doors with these displays
•    Table Covers: Economical and portable, we can craft a table cover for you that gets attention
•    Laminated Posters: Affordable and colourful, your booth visitors will be clamouring to take them when they go
•    Dump Bins: Affordable, convenient, and an easy way to put products out in front of your visitors, clients and customers
•    Trade Show Giveaways: Let your booth visitors take promotional materials for your business with them by customising a trade show giveaway product
As you can see, we offer the whole range of possible retail brandings & exhibition materials you could ever think to want. When you explore our website, you’ll discover that even the above fails to give a detailed enough overview of the whole range of quality products that Maxdisplays offers to its clients and customers!
Why Should I Choose Max Displays?
Aside from the extensive inventory we offer you, there are many other reasons to choose to do your business with Max display. Fully understanding the specific needs of businesses like yours, we manufactured every one of our retail & trade show materials to be extremely portable and durable. We know that you’ll want to be using these pop-up displays, plinths and hanging displays a lot, and you’ll be able to because of how easy we’ve made them to assemble, disassemble and store.
Just because we’ve made our displays incredibly portable doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed on quality, though. In fact, we’ve done just the opposite. All of our retail and trade show materials are made through a Latex, UV or dye-sub printing process, which adds extra vibrancy – especially when printed on fabrics – that will garner your business much needed attention on a crowded floor. In addition, if you’re green-minded, you’ll find that we have a wide selection of retail and trade show materials that are made from responsibly sourced materials.
So, if you’re looking to make an impact at the next season promotion or exhibition, or even on a retail floor, then you can do no better than Maxdisplays. We encourage you to browse our website and to delve deeper into our extensive offerings. You’re sure to see just how high-quality our products are and how affordably priced they are, as well.
If you have questions, can’t find what your looking for, or even if you need assistance in putting together for the next promotion or  a new trade show display, then feel free to give us a call! We can be reached by calling +61 2 9011 6785!

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