Timber Plinths

Maxdisplays offers Timber plinths as an ideal display solution for display of Sculptures, Artefacts, Models and Taxidermy etc.

Our Timber Plinths and Display Pedestals are made from 16mm laminated MDF (Medium Density Fibre) to ensure ample support to heavy-duty product display.  Our normal Timber plinths are heavily built and can support products between 100 to 175 Kgs. weight.

In case your weight requirements are higher, we can customize our display pedestals, to suit your requirements.  Our plinths come in square base with different heights.

While we offer this in the standard colours of White and Black, it can also be customized to suit your colour code requirements.

You can also contact us, to design your own display timber plinths, wherein we offer design solutions – to design the plinth with your Branding, Logo, Product details etc.  To add more colour to your display, you can also opt for interchangeable digital wrap with Velcro, so that contents can be updated or changed, to suit variety of products on display, from time to time.

Our Timber plinths are fully assembled, they are made from 16mm laminated MDF (medium density fibre). They are more suitable for sculpture, heavy duty product display. They can hold between 100 – 175 kgs weight, we can also custom build to hold more weight.


Varity of laminate colours are available, standard colours are White & black.

Standard Sizes

Square base – 300mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm. Height between 50mm & 1200mm


Add your own branding to the plinths. We can do variety of branding on them. They can be just logos, full colour all sides or interchangeable digital printed wrap with Velcro

Artwork design

We also provide designing support, speak to us for further information.


Please go to Maxdisplays Dropbox link below to upload files

  • The uploader can accommodate files sized up to 2GB.
  • You will be sent e-proofs to review for a final approval before production.
  • All graphics must be approved by the client before they go into production.
  • Recommended Browser: Firefox
  • If you do experience an issues with the uploader, please call us on +61 2 9011 6785
  • Please include company name.

Questions? Please email us at info@maxdisplays.com.au